Vintage 7 pcs BASSICK HAND-L-HOLD ORGANIZERS Brooms Mop Garden Tool Rake Shovels For Sale

Vintage 7 pcs BASSICK HAND-L-HOLD ORGANIZERS Brooms Mop Garden Tool Rake Shovels

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Vintage 7 pcs BASSICK HAND-L-HOLD ORGANIZERS Brooms Mop Garden Tool Rake Shovels:

HAND-L-HOLD TOOL HOLDERS Holds Brooms, Mops, Garden Tools Etc...
Made in U.S.A.!



I lived with my grandparents all my life and still live in the house that was theirs. These 7 Bassick, Hand-L-Hold hanger organizers are some of those things that have just always been here! My grandfather must have acquired them back around the 1940s-1950s. They were manufactured right here in Bridgeport, toxic hell-hole, Connecticut. Bassick apparently still makes these devices today but the company is now owned by a multi-national that does the bulk of it's manufacturing overseas! The newer pieces are stamped with a modern version of the Bassick logo. These pieces are stamped with the early logo version (see photos).

When I first discovered them, 40+ years ago, they looked brand new. About 25 years ago, I stored them in my garage where I thought they would be safe. Years later the garage roof developed a leak and, of course, the box they were in got wet. They still work like new but some of them have some cosmetic staining. Despite their appearance, all but two are unused. I installed two of them, in my workshop area, several years ago to hold brooms. They were only used very briefly, as they were quickly hidden by pieces of lumber and forgotten until now!

From the Web:
"Grip holds handles up to 1-1/8" diameter of brooms, brushes, hoes, rakes and shovels. Popular in home, industrial and commercial settings.

Non-marking, natural rubber, cam-shaped grip has spring action for greater holding power. Pre-drilled for easy mounting."


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