Profitable Security Alarm Business For Sale w/MRR of 2.5k Ademco DSC GE For Sale

Profitable Security Alarm Business For Sale w/MRR of 2.5k    Ademco DSC GE

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Profitable Security Alarm Business For Sale w/MRR of 2.5k Ademco DSC GE:

Upfor sale here is a well established profitable business.I've been in the security business for over 35 years. I went full time back in ' 97 officially. Presently we install alarm security systems, video surveillance systems plus much much more. We service all of our accounts past & present. My alarm systems are monitored byAll American Monitoring. They are aU.L. Certified company. My monthly recurring revenue is approximately $2500. Sales which include service calls, updates, new installs average around another $2000 per month. That average has been maintained for the last 4 years with next to nothing in advertisement. I was listed in the Yellow Pages the last 15 years but ended my subscription this year as the internet & word of mouth suffice. I'm sure more marketing can grow the business but that is not in my plans as it's time for me to retire. I will include ALL past & presentsales info & will assist in the takeover of my company. Right now the contracts in place on my monitored accounts have 1 year auto renewals. Presently Ido notwant to sell just the accounts as I do not want to leave my customers high & dry. It won't be a take the money & run on my part either. I do care that my customers will be taken care of once I retire. That is very important to me. I have approximately 70 accounts. Of which a few are camera lens cleaning accounts.The accounts are approximately 50% business & 50% residential. They span over 5 or 6 cities including Canton, Ohio - The Home of the NFL Football Hall of Fame. I will include all my company signs & stickers, industry needed tools that I will no longer need plus lot's of misc. material from cabling, cable ends, several ladders& wire just to mention a few of the hard assets. I'm sure there is more that I'll include of which we'll address when the time comes. I will work with you on the billing, meeting present customers & anything else that I can assist on.I will also be here for tech support & training. But you must be knowledgeable on how security systems work. All my accounts use Ademco systems and it is strongly suggested you know how to work on Ademco systems. I'm here to help but I do not want to hold your hand.I run the business from my home office here in Alliance, Ohio. We use my Hummer H3 & my contract worker uses hisFord Explorer to do our installs & service calls. Both vehicles areNOTincluded. As stated above thetotalgross yearly income has averaged over $50,000 a year for the last 4 years. I can & will show you tax returns & Quick Books to verify all my totals stated. Monitoring fees are under $300/month total. Liability insurance is $96/month. You do the math here.The only way this fails is if you let it fail.We are well established in Alliance, Ohio & surrounding communities. The upside is enormous. The company phone number will also be handed over & will be up to the new owner(s) to keep & pay for it. I strongly suggest that you keep that phone number current as it is on all of my yard signs & stickers that are in place at all present & past customers. Plus, when searching on the net for a security company in my area that number appears with my company. That phone bill is $41 per month. It is a land line that is for faxes & it also is needed for use of the compass downloader.

SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY. I'm open to FAIR offers but don't waste your or my time with offers that you wouldn't accept. They will be auto declined. You can email atthrough s message center. I'm at my PC all day & night. I do run an store. It & ALL of its inventory listed in that storeare NOT included in the sale of my company. Anon refundabledown payment of $1000 is required if you want me to put a hold on the sale of my company to you. That hold will last for 14 days from receipt of said deposit. No deposit & I will consider that you are interested but you don't have the means to complete the sale permitting me to move on to any or all otherprospectivebuyer(s). I do not offer any financing nor willI finance the sale myself. It is up to you to have the financing or cash in hand in placeif you want to proceed with the purchase. I will sign any non compete clause agreement to protect you. The BUY IT NOWof $74,900is my starting point. If you want to make an offer, include your name & phone number in your replies, I WILL CALL YOU BACK. Do not try and call me as I do not answer calls outside my area code due to relentless telemarketer's and they are relentless. Good Luck, God Bless and let's get this done, Bill P
This sale is for 100% ownership. Although it is incorporated (S-Corp), the corporation will be dissolved before the sale. I do not want a partner nor want to sell any partial investments in my company. No stock ownership is included in this sale. What is for sale is explained above. Deposit and or payment via Paypal will be refunded due to a tracking number is required. Bank transfer, wire, cashiers check and of course cash are all accepted. Down payment can be a credit card which I can take over the phone. Any fees or attorney fees drawing up an agreement between myself the seller & you the buyer(s) are the sole responsibility of the buyer(s). Takingpossession of the business itself, any supplied records & anything else agreed upon by both parties is the soleresponsibility of the new owner(s).

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