9225 DC12V SUNON ha92251v4-0000-C99 CPU silent fan Motherboard computer fan For Sale

9225 DC12V SUNON ha92251v4-0000-C99 CPU silent fan Motherboard computer fan

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9225 DC12V SUNON ha92251v4-0000-C99 CPU silent fan Motherboard computer fan:

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Part ha92251v4-0000-C99
Data ha9225 briefsuper silent fan series
RoHS RoHS Certificate Information
Ultra quiet fan series
Standard package 50
Category fan thermal management
Home DC fan
Voltage - rated 12vdc
Size / Size Square 92mm L W H x 25mm × 92mm
Air flow rate of 28.1 cubic feet (0.796m3/min)
Static pressure 0.040 at H 2 O (10 Pa)

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