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1/4" Inch Fast Response Electric Air Water Solenoid Valve 12V DC Normally Closed


2PCS 1/2

2PCS 1/2" 12V DC Electric Solenoid Valve, Normally Close, N/C,water etc New


HFS(R) 12V Dc 1/4

HFS(R) 12V Dc 1/4" Electric Solenoid Valve Water Air Gas, Fuels N/C - Brass



1/2" 12VDC Electric Solenoid Valve, Normally Closed, N/C, 12-Volt DC Water US



1/4" Electric Solenoid Valve Water Oil Air Gas Welders 110/120 volt AC B20N/V


  • chandran

    i need free sample of 8 channel high voltage ultrasound evaluation module. may i know where i can get it any company providing free samples

  • r cian

    Yes i need to know what type or olms resistor to use to improve on a atomic beam flashlight to regulate excessive voltage created by 3 lithium ion aaa battery’s that blow out the chips when placed in flashlight when the maximum load for the flashlight is 4.5 vdc and the maximum load of each lithium ion rechargeable battery individually is 4.2 to 2.75 per battery i bought lit ion 3 aaa cells to stop my alkaline battery’s from draining power so rapidly on use of the flashlight and it got expensive replacing all the battery’s even when there off they drew out power i wand to redesign the atomic beam with the new safeguards installed inside of it sincerely robert a cain