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Rockstar Crystal Clear Premium Epoxy Resin - 32oz Kit - 4-Star For Sale

Rockstar Crystal Clear Premium Epoxy Resin - 32oz Kit - 4-Star

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Rockstar Crystal Clear Premium Epoxy Resin - 32oz Kit - 4-Star :

4-Star Rockstar Crystal Clear Premium Epoxy Resin - 32oz Kit - UV Stabilizers

Being artists ourselves, we want to know that we are working with a fresh high quality product. Unlike the competition, all Rockstar Resins come with a brew date label so you know how old your product is. We back all our products with 100% guarantee you will be satisfied and free support. With each order you will be provided a quick step directions card and information if you need support.

Our 32oz. Kit gets you rockin' in the right direction. Covering up to 8 Sq. Feet, this amount will help you get multiple projects done.

This Epoxy Resin pours and levels out to 1/8" per pour on any flat surface. With a one-year shelf life on all our products, rest assured that your purchase will go to good use even if you don't open it right away. Just remember after you open the product, you have approximately 6 months to use it all up. It is best practice to make sure you close it after you use it and try to store it back in the box.

Final product will result in a beautiful glossy crystal clear very rigid finish.

Kit Includes:

1 - 16oz. Bottle of Epoxy Resin
1 - 16oz. Bottle of Hardener
1 - Instruction Guide

Shipping: Orders placed before 1PM PST, are shipped out same day. Buyers will be provided shipping tracking details when we prepare shipments.

Rockstar 4-Star Premium Epoxy Resin is a 100% solids,high-build, clear polymer coating that is commonly used in resin jewelry, tumblers, tabletops, coasters, and artwork coatings. Each kit contains a bottle of resin and abottle of hardener which are mixed together at a 1 to 1 ratio by volume. Thisproduct cures to a clear, glass-like finish that resists scratching and willnot distort with age. Items coated with it will become permanently preservedand protected for your enjoyment throughout a lifetime. This product willresist yellowing and is water resistant. However, no product provides 100% UVprotection. This should be carefully considered before applying in an outdoor,high UV exposure setting. Rockstar Resins will not exhibit any blushing or sweat-outeven under high humidity conditions. This product is best applied in twostages. The first stage is referred to as the seal coat. The seal coat isbrushed on in a thin layer and is used to seal any porosity on the surfacewhich will prevent air bubbles from rising in the subsequent flood coats. Oncethe seal coat has set for at least 4 hours a flood coat is then applied. Theflood coat should be poured onto the surface and allowed to flow out andself-level. You can use a rubber squeegee or a foam brush to help spread theepoxy. Generally one to three flood coats are applied for most table and barcoatings, however you must wait between 4 to 10 hours before applyingsubsequent flood coats. What You Need: ? Safety Gloves - Epoxy is very sticky.? Graduated Mixing Cups - Accurate measurement is extremely important toachieve optimum cured properties. ? Clean Stir Sticks - Dirty sticks can causecontamination of the epoxy. ? Rubber Squeegees - These spreaders will not leaveair bubbles behind as brushes can. ? Brushes - Foam or nylon brushes which do notlose bristles ? Solvent - Denatured alcohol or acetone for cleanup and wiping ?Propane Torch, Heat Gun or Hair Drier - Used by sweeping the heat or flameacross the surface of the uncured epoxyto release trapped air bubbles ? Drop Cloths - Should be used to avoid spillson flooring surfaces Beginners Notes: This product will produce professionalresults when applied correctly. Take your time to review some of these commonproblems that first time users can encounter. 1. VERY IMPORTANT: To avoid mostof these common problems, you should always do a trial run with the product toinsure proper understanding of how to mix and apply. 2. Always make sure thatyour mixing container is clean and your measuring device is accurate. Thisproduct requires that you mix at a 1 to 1 ratio by volume. Any variances fromthis ratio will cause the epoxy to never completely cure. 3. THOROUGH mixing isthe most important part of this procedure. Even if you have experience withother types of resins, it is very easy to underestimate the amount of mixingthis product requires. Depending on the quantity being mixed, it can takeanywhere from 3 to 7 minutes of continuous mixing without whipping. Duringmixing the product will turn cloudy white and you must continue to mix until allsigns of haziness and white streaks in the mixture have turned back to acompletely transparent color. 4. Do not whip this product while mixing. Liftingthe stick while mixing can excessively whip the product and will add atremendous amount of air bubbles which are difficult to remove. 5. Alwaysscrape the sides of the mixing container and stick during the mixing process.If any unmixed material remains on the side of the container and falls ontoyour surface while pouring it will leave an uncured wet or sticky spot. 6.While pouring the epoxy onto the surface, NEVER scrape or brush the sides orbottom of the container you just mixed in to remove every last drop because nomatter how thoroughly you may have mixed, there will always be an unmixed portionstuck which can be dislodged and will leave a wet or sticky spot. 7. Neverleave mixed epoxy in your bucket unattended. The longer the epoxy sits in yourbucket, it will increase the chances that the epoxy will generate excess heat,begin to smoke and then cure quickly inside the bucket. 8. Cleaning the curedfinish should only be done with mild soap and water. Using harsh cleaners orkitchen chemicals can cause the finish to feel tacky.

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Rockstar Crystal Clear Premium Epoxy Resin - 32oz Kit - 4-Star  picture

Rockstar Crystal Clear Premium Epoxy Resin - 32oz Kit - 4-Star


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