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PLCC68T to 4 x IDC2x9 connector. [US] For Sale

PLCC68T to 4 x IDC2x9 connector. [US]

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PLCC68T to 4 x IDC2x9 connector. [US]:

PCB board PLCC68T to 4xIDC2x9NEW!

PCB board from PLCC68(THT) to 4 x IDC2x9 connectors. PCB adapter plate works with the many FLASH/EPROM/MCU programmers.

Ideal for use with: Willem, Xeltek, Wellon, Top, Labtool, EasyPro, SmartPro, EZ Programmer and any programmers.

Technical number: PCB-021-068068-092

  • Dimensions: 43.18mm x 43.18mm(1.7" x 1.7")
  • PCB thickness: 1.5mm(0.06")
  • Raster: 2.54mm(0.1")
  • Path width: holes diameter: 0.9mm(0.035")
  • Assembly holes diameter: 2.0mm(0.08")
  • Weight: 5.61g
  • Material: FR4
  • Double side PCB
  • Copper thickness: 35um
  • Solder mask
  • Description mask
  • Compliance with directive RoHS (2011/65/UE)
  • The product is not from China and is safe for the align="left">PCB board fits integrated circuits for producers(memory,embeded Semiconductor
  • ST Microelectronics
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    PLCC68T to 4 x IDC2x9 adapter. [CA] picture

    PLCC68T to 4 x IDC2x9 adapter. [CA]


    PLCC68T to 4 x IDC2x9 adapter. [US] picture

    PLCC68T to 4 x IDC2x9 adapter. [US]


    PLCC68T to 4 x IDC2x9 connector. [US] picture

    PLCC68T to 4 x IDC2x9 connector. [US]


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