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Gefran 40B Transducer Controller For Sale

Gefran 40B Transducer Controller

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Gefran 40B Transducer Controller:

Gefran 40
Type: 40B-96-5-10-RR-R0-3-0-1
Supply: 100-240VAC
Vers: FW 3.24
0-5000 psi tranducer is what it was used with

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GEFRAN 40B-96-5-10-RR-00-2-0-0 / 40B96510RR00200 (BRAND NEW) picture

GEFRAN 40B-96-5-10-RR-00-2-0-0 / 40B96510RR00200 (BRAND NEW)


1pcs New GEFRAN 40B-96-5-01-RR-2-01-1 picture

1pcs New GEFRAN 40B-96-5-01-RR-2-01-1


GEFRAN 40B-48-4-10-RR-0-0-1 / 40B48410RR001 (BRAND NEW) picture

GEFRAN 40B-48-4-10-RR-0-0-1 / 40B48410RR001 (BRAND NEW)


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