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Dual Range Transistor Diode Semiconductor & Passive Curve Tracer Tester/Tracker For Sale

Dual Range Transistor Diode Semiconductor & Passive Curve Tracer Tester/Tracker

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Dual Range Transistor Diode Semiconductor & Passive Curve Tracer Tester/Tracker:

Dual Range Curve Tracer/Tracker for Semiconductors (transistors, diodes) & Passive components
Description:Our latest version of our popular 'Octopus' style tester. Couple this unit with an oscilloscope capable of being set in XY mode and you have a very capable tester.The old service guys new a thing or two about creating simple easy to use test equipment. The 'Octopus' is a classic design that is still relevant today.Using a low AC voltage(Approx. 9 - 20 VAC) to provide a stimulating or 'tickle' voltage to components allows a visual representation of the Current (I) Vs. Voltage (V) to be seen on an oscilloscope set in XY mode.
Our version integrates all the required parts onto one professionally designed PCB that in turn is scaled to correctly fit a Hammond 1591B enclosure. Using this technique provides a sturdy, reliable test piece that will give years of reliable service.
The PCB (color may vary)incorporatesthe BNC connectors for connection to the 'scope, two AC power input options (Barrel jack or screw terminals) an on/off switch and a range switch that allows the tester to be used in situations where a greater degree of current limiting is required.
Also on the PCB are thetwo standard banana jacks (color may vary) that accommodateflying leads to allow in circuit or out of circuit testing, these are set at the standard 3/4" spacing allowing the use of BNC cable adapters to be used with the device.
Please Note:No cables/leads or adapters are included in this sale, only the test unit as described.Please ensure your oscilloscope can handle a 12 volt AC voltageon the input. This should not be a problem with most scopes, but those designed for use with a computer or some of the very low cost LCD/Arduino based scopes may not be suitable, please ensure your scope is capable before making a purchase.
What's included?1. Fully assembled tracer unit mounted in a Hammond 1591B enclosure (PCB Color may vary)2. Link to our website for user guide
QuestionsWe always respond to questions about the product for sale - please ask before making your purchase, if any details are unclear or you need clarification.Remember the photos are also part of the sale description.
Other Details1. USPS Shipping is free within the USA, Overseas buyers will pay shipping and import fees. We ship in one business day after receipt of full payment.2. Please make sure your ship to address is correct with , this reduces shipping delays and issues.3. Returns - start a return by accessing customer support on your account page, we generally offer 60 day return windows.4. We provide follow up technical support after sale if needed - we are only an email away.
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