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6in1 Cavitation Radio Frequency RF Vacuum Slimming Cellulite Machine For Sale

6in1 Cavitation Radio Frequency RF Vacuum Slimming Cellulite Machine

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6in1 Cavitation Radio Frequency RF Vacuum Slimming Cellulite Machine:


The beauty instrument supplies oxygen and organic nutrients to the skin through deep diathermy treatment, strengthens cell function, improves lymphatic circulation, activates metabolism, induces collagen, and improves skin condition.


Six-pole Cyclic Radio Frequency Technology:

It can eliminate the shortcomings of the general radio frequency technology in the past. With high-efficiency radio frequency energy, through three or four electrode points, the energy can be effectively and quickly transmitted to the dermis and subcutaneous tissues, focusing on the target and core The scope of action will not cause damage to other parts of the body, safe and efficient.

More Energy Than Ever Before:

5MHZ shapes a moving curve for the body and dissolves fat.

Fat Reduction:

5MHZ tightens facial skin, reduces wrinkles, improves contours and activates collagen tissue.

Lifting Firmness:

forehead, eye area, cheeks, neck lift firm; shrink large pores, remove double chin.

Body Shaping:

slimming and shaping, eliminating excess fat, diminishing stretch marks, and firming the skin.

Three-pole Rirming Head:

High frequency 5MHZ releases bipolar radio frequency, the main function is to concentrate the energy on the shuttle between the two levels, and then due to the needs of the treatment, the effect is exerted, so that the affected part can completely absorb the energy of the radio frequency. The high-speed frequency makes the body heat up. When the dermal tissue reaches 46 °C, the collagen fibers shrink immediately, which stimulates the secretion of more new collagen to fill the shrinkage and loss of collagen gaps. As the dermal collagen continues to proliferate and rearrange, it Can make the sagging skin feel the lifting and firming effect immediately after the treatment.

Quadrupole Radiofrequency:

The new quadrupole circulatory radiofrequency technology can change the electrical polarity of the electric field in the biological tissues of the treated area millions of times within 1 second, and promote the natural resistance movement of the subcutaneous tissue to generate heat, and the heat stimulates the dermis to secrete more The new collagen fills the vacancy with the collagen, thereby holding up the scaffold of the skin again and restoring the elasticity of the skin. The fat cells are reduced, to achieve the effect of removing fat.

Note: For severe diseases, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, abdominal surgery is less than three months old, and it is forofferden to perform during menstruation.


Input power: 110V

Power: 180W

40K cavitation head:

Power supply output: 150V

Frequency: 40kHz

Power: 25W

Vacuum + Bipolar RF head:

Power supply output: 66V

Frequency: 1MHz

Power: 90W

Multipolar RF head:

Power supply output: 66V

Frequency: 5 MHz

Power: 50W

Three-pole / quadrupole RF head to face :

Power output: 66V

Frequency: 3MHz

Power: 30 W

Lipo Laser

Laser type diode wavelength -635 nm

Energy output - 44 x160mW

Power - 100VA

Red wavelength: 650-730 nm

Package Contents :

1 x Basic Machine

1 x 40K Cavitation Ultrasonic Head

1 x Strong Negative Vacuum Bipolar RF Head

1 x Quadrupole RF Red Photon Head

1 x Tripolar RF Red Photon Therapy Head

1 x Multipole RF Red Photon Therapy Head

6 x Large Diode Laser control panel

2 x Small diode laser control panel

1 x Power cord

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