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20 12x16" Open-Top Dou Yee Static Shield Bags For Sale

20 12x16

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20 12x16" Open-Top Dou Yee Static Shield Bags:

DiscountDouYeeTemplate.html12x16" Open-Top Static Shield Bags. SuperShield Brand bags from Dou Yee use metallized static shieldfilm 2.8 mil thick. Heat sealable, good for motherboards and other large parts. 12x16" is the INSIDE dimensions.

12" x 16" Open-Top, SuperShield Static Bags From:

Technical Data on the Physical and Electrical Properties of the DOU YEE 3650-628 Bag

Protect your electrical components from static shock damage. Static shield bags with the aluminumlayer can shield sensitive electronics from low levels of static with the Faraday Cage Effect.Dou Yee, established in 1982, specializes in the manufacture of electronic packagingmaterials with static shielding and humidity control properties. The comprehensive range of products makes Dou Yee aconvenient one-stop industrial provider. With a worldwide business network of more than 30international branches and representative offices spread across 14 countries, Dou Yee providescustomers with comprehensive global solutions tailored to their local needs.SHIPPING:20 and 40 bags can ship in the Legal Flat Rate Priority Mail Envelope.
If for any reason you are not satisfied with our products, return them within 30 daysfor a refund or exchange. Larger orders shipped from Reno, NV require a 15% restocking fee.For a free sample, please send your request and mailing address.You can see all our salesat the StaticBags store

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