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10x Nichicon PW 10uF 63V Low-ESR Impedance 105C radial capacitors caps 5mm 5x11 For Sale

10x Nichicon PW 10uF 63V Low-ESR Impedance 105C radial capacitors caps 5mm 5x11

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10x Nichicon PW 10uF 63V Low-ESR Impedance 105C radial capacitors caps 5mm 5x11:

Nichicon PW 10uF 63V

Nichicon PW Series
10uF 63V

Low Impedance 105C, High Ripple Tolerance
Electrolytic Radial Capacitors
Quantity 10 per lot
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These are High Temperature, Low-ESR radial capacitors made by Nichicon, a reputable Japanese manufacturer. These are new capacitors.
The Nichicon PW are a long-established and reputable series of low ESR capacitors. They are very reliable. These are excellent for use in power supplies, monitors/TVs, some computer motherboards, and they're also popular for audio.
These capacitors are rated for temperatures all the way down to -55°C (-67°F) so they are also suitable for applications that will see extreme cold.

This listing sells these capacitors in sets of 10. To get 30 capacitors, you would buy 3 "items" from this listing.

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Manufacturer Nichicon Series PW Capacitance 10μF Voltage Rating 63V
This is the maximum voltage that the capacitor is rated to tolerate. It is safe to replace a lower rated original, such as a 35V or 50V rated cap. Temperature Rating 105°C maximum, -55°C minimum Polarized Yes - stripe is negative Diameter 5mm Lead Spacing 2.0mm Body Height 11mm Lead Type Radial

If you'd like to purchase more capacitors than are left in this listing, let me know how many you want and I'll check my stock. I'll list a larger quantity if I can fill your order.

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