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10pcs 6N24P Double triode Soviet Vintage Radio Tubes For Sale

10pcs 6N24P Double triode Soviet Vintage Radio Tubes

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10pcs 6N24P Double triode Soviet Vintage Radio Tubes:

10pcs 6N24P Double triode Soviet Vintage Radio Tubes
10pcs (tubes) in one lot
DESCRIPTION:6N24PDouble triode 6N24P is designed to amplify high-frequency voltage in cascode circuits of radio engineering devices of widespread use.Indirectly heated oxide cathode.Works in any position.Produced in glass finger design.Service life not less than 1000 hours.9-pin base RSh-8.Weight no more than 13 g.
Delivery prices:0-250 grams - 7.9-10 $Package weight (50 grams)
250-500 grams - 14 - 16 $Package weight (100 grams)
500-1000 grams - 24-28 $Package weight (200 grams)
Every next kilogram + $ 10 and + 200 grams of weight.
You will be able to choose the most favorable ratio of price, product and cost.
The price of delivery has increased significantly, but we try to almost not change the cost of delivery.
If you accidentally overpaid for delivery, we will refund your money.
If you have any questions, we are always ready to communicate and help you.
However, some delays in both Standard and Express services may happen.
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