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shortpin to turn a motherboard on

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shortpin to turn a motherboard on

Postby alps » Wed Sep 09, 2015 9:41 pm

Hi everybody!
I have my laptop motherboard in front of me and I'm trying to figure out how to turn it on without Power button and ribbon cable.
There is a connector called JSW1 (switch) with 8 pins where to put in the ribbon cable. This connector has the following diagram:

SW board and hotkey schematic diagrams are on page 125 of this service manual: http://www.datasheetarchive.com/dl/Data ... 007992.pdf
I just want to short the pins on the base of this connector in order to turn my motherboard on. But which pins? Surely the second one and then?
Someone has told me to solder a small wire to the second pin and connect it to the ground (areas where tightening screws in the motherboard can act like ground). But I just had a small bipolar cable (like those of stereo headphones) and so I've tried with the ground of this cable (excluding the white and red wires), without soldering anything.
I've connected one end to the nearest screw slot (for the ground pole) and the other one to the second pin (being careful not to touch the first or the third pin). But all I've got is a spark and some burn on the pin. Perhaps, the ground of my audio cable wasn't suitable for this task or perhaps a solder to the pin is needed (it would be a micro-solder and I don't have any solder for this). More likely, it wasn't the right thing to do because, as far as I get to know from other people after this unsuccessful trial, the second pin must be connected with another pin, I guess the first one and, perhaps, schematic diagrams confirm my opinion.
I just don't want to use a solder but find an "on-the-fly" solution to turn the motherboard on. Someone has used a flat screwdriver to short pins but I've seen on the internet that those people use the ribbon cable to do that (perhaps to avoid sparks and burn on the pins located on the base of the connector).
Now, should it work if I short the first 2 pins on the base of the connector with a flat screwdriver or should I expect dangerous sparks or some possible damage to the pins (and worse to the motherboard)?
Any idea about this issue?
Thanks for your suggestions.
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