Yokogawa 2013 Portable DC Ammeter For Sale

Yokogawa 2013 Portable DC Ammeter

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Yokogawa 2013 Portable DC Ammeter:

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Yokogawa 2013 Portable DC Ammeter



Portable DC Ammeter




A: For parcels BELOW 2kg (by weight or volume), we will ship to Russia via DHL Global Mail. For parcels ABOVE 2kg (by weight or volume), we can ship via DHL Express IF buyer can provide a COMPANY ADDRESS. Otherwise, please do not proceed as we will need to cancel transaction. Due to recent price increase and uncertainty, we NO LONGER accommodate shipping via POST OFFICE to Russia.Q: IS THE STATED SHIPPING COST FINAL?
A: Our stated shipping rate is our DISCOUNTED best estimate and are mostly based on actual weight. In the event that you are located in a country which will entail VERY HIGH shipping cost from Manila and/or the item you will purchase will have HIGH VOLUMETRIC WEIGHT and will not be covered by the shipping cost you paid,
WE WILL NOT SHIP. Instead, we will need to inform you first on the available courier options and with your agreement will
request to send additional fund to cover shipping cost. If any of us will not agree, full refund is always guaranteed. Q: WHAT PAYMENT METHOD DO YOU ACCEPT?
A: We can accept PayPal payments only. Q: DO YOU OFFER WARRANTY?
A: Yes, we offer 30-days money back guarantee for all our items EXCEPT for items declared as "AS-IS / FOR PARTS". Please read carefully before you buy. Our items declared "AS IS" and "FOR PARTS" carry no warranty, no returns, and no refund. Q: HOW CAN I CLAIM FOR WARRANTY / REFUND?
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A: We always declare the actual purchase value as declaring lower purchase value is illegal by international law.Q: HOW ABOUT CUSTOMS ISSUES AND TAXES?
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misuse. It is assumed that the units bought from us will be installed and operated by qualified personnel. The purchaser
agrees that the seller shall not be held responsible or liable for any injuries or damages, whether incidental or consequential,
associated in any way with the equipment. The Purchaser, by offerding this equipment, indicates their acknowledgment
of and agreement to the terms of this disclaimer.Q: ARE THERE ANYTHING MORE?
A: We think that's quite long already and we would like to thank you for reading this far. If you have other questions not covered on our above FAQs, please hit us a message. We are now waiting for your order and please remember to use the "Make Offer" button and to send us your current phone number upon your payment. Thank you! IndexCardFlexTabs from Shipscript

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