Water Cooling Block Liquid cold plate CNC machined from pure copper CPU chiller For Sale

Water Cooling Block Liquid cold plate CNC machined from pure copper CPU chiller

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Water Cooling Block Liquid cold plate CNC machined from pure copper CPU chiller:

All copper water block Liquid cold plate heat exchanger to rapidly remove heat from CPUs, Xbox CPUs, GPUs, video cards, IGBTs ( SOT-227 cooling ), power electronics, lasers, peltier TECs or power generation TEGs. Most efficient method of removing heat from electronics.

Heat removal is 4 to 5 times greater with this water block than using just a finned heat sink.

Components can be mounted to one or both sides thereby allowing heat removal from two 40x40mm TECs or other electronic components at the same time.

All copper construction allows for parts and components to be soldered to cold plate for maximum thermal conduction.

Superior USA manufacturing, CNC machined from solid 99.9% pure copper. Do not confuse this liquid cooling plate (waterblock) with inferior cheap water blocks that will NOT deliver on cooling ability. You get what you pay for.

100% Made in the USA by Custom Thermoelectric, LLC., based in Bishopville, Maryland.

Measures: 1.62 x 1.62 x 0.55 inches

Weighs: .34 lbs (154 gm)

Inlet and Outlet on the same side.

Usable flat area of 1.62 x 1.62 inches (41 x 41 mm) per side

Inlet & outlet tapped 1/16" NPT: Comes with 2 pieces Nylon barbed tube fittings for 3/16" ID tubing.

Will accommodate per side;

  • Single TECs or TEGs up to 40 x 40mm
  • 2, 3, or 4 TECs up to 20 x 20mm
  • Any component (to be cooled) up to 41x41mm

    CNC Machined from a solid billet of copper. solder brazed together to a 100 psi rated watertight seal.

    Minimum flow rate: 0.1 gpm. Maximum flow rate: 2.5 gpm.

    Water flow rate GPM Thermal Resistance °C/watt 0.2 0.044 0.4 0.033 0.6 0.029 0.8 0.025 1.0 0.023

    no longer allows external links for spec sheets and drawings. Please Google the part number WBA-1.63-0.55-CU-01 and this product page will show up with all the spec sheets, data, drawings and 3D models you need.

    PDF of Thermal Resistance graph for this Water Block:

    3D Solid models are available at no charge, just ask.

    Matching cold plate (last picture) is part number CPT-2.25-1.62-0.25-AL and is NOT included in this sale.

    NOTE: Some pictures show the water block as separate pieces. This is only to show the details of the high heat transfer efficiency design of the interior surfaces. All water blocks come assembled ready to use.

    Water blocks are also called;

  • Waterblock or waterblocks
  • Cold plate or cold plates
  • Liquid exchanger or liquid heat exchanger
  • Liquid manifold
  • Water jacket
  • Peltier Liquid Block or Thermoelectric Liquid Block
  • Liquid cooler
  • Liquid cold plate or Liquid Cold Plates
  • Liquid cooling plate
  • Liquid heat sink or liquid heatsink
  • Water cooling plate or water cold plate
  • Liquid chassis

  • Custom water blocks available. Please contact us.

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