VG7000-1004 Johnson CONTROLS Valve Mounting And Spring Kit new For Sale

VG7000-1004 Johnson CONTROLS  Valve Mounting And Spring Kit new

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VG7000-1004 Johnson CONTROLS Valve Mounting And Spring Kit new:

Used to mount VG7000 series valves with L38-317 and L38-318 pneumatic actuators Includes upper spring seat, spring, stem extension, stem locking screw and bonnet adapter

Mfg. #: VG7000-1004; Spring Range: 3 to 6 PSI; Valve Size: 1" or 1-1/4";

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All of my Johnson Controls products came from a business liquidation. I cannot test electronics and hesitate to take any returns on these products. These items are all factory sealed unless I tell you otherwise.


I will only open the boxes to inspect the item before I ship.


HERE IS A LIST OF SOME OTHER JOHNSON CONTROLS PARTS THAT I HAVE IN STOCK. CALL MIKE AT ... A19BGC-1C A4000149 A4000605 A400137 A4110604 APVMA1420-0 APVMA1430-0 ASUNT1126-0 BKT16-600R BOX10A600R C2220-11 C2220-12 C2220-13 C2220-14 C5226-3 CDP00-00-0 D251-6000 D-4073-2 D9502-12 DMPR-KC150 DMPR-KC201 DMPR-KC202 DPT-2640-21 EP800-2 F-1000-79 FTG18A-600R FTG18A-601R G-2010-23 G-2010-5 GER28-1 HC207 HE67N31B00-W JM3323T33A00T LP-DI560P20-0C LP-FX05N11-002C LP-FX05N11-022C LP-FX05N12-022C LP-FX07D01-000C LP-FX07D51-000C LP-FX07D81-000C LP-FX2AN13-0 LPKIT004010C LP-KIT005-005A LPKIT006003C LP-KIT006-005C LP-KIT015-000C LP-KIT015-000C LP-KIT07-000C LP-NET071-000C LP-NRM001-000C M-9000-170 M-9000-171 M-9000-500 M-9104-AGA-2 M-9104-GGA-2 M-9106-AGS2N02 M-9106-GGA M9106-GGA-2 M-9108-GGA-2 M9116-GGA-2 M9206-BGA-2 M9206-GGA-2 M-9216-AGC-2 M9220-603 NT-952 NT954 NT-955 P10BC7C P-32AF2C P7100-1 S300-XFMR SEN-500-1 SEN-600-3 T-2000ECF-0C0 T-275-100 T-275-101 T28AA-1C T3113 T-3610-1001 T-4000-110 T-4000-630 T-4002-301 T-4506-203 T-5210-1001 T-5210-1004 T-5210-1007 T-5210-1008 T-5500-1052 T-5800-3 T600MEP-1 T-6321P-1 T-800-1603 TE-6001-4 TE-6300-607 TE-6311M-1 TE6311P-1 TE6313P-1 TE-6316P-1 TE631AP-1 TE-64135-1000 TE-64136-1000 TE-6421W-1100 TE-67NP-1N00 TE-67NT-0N00 TE-67NT-0N00 TE-67NT-1B00 TE67W-600 TEC2104-1 TM-2161-0000 TM-9151-0000 TM-9161-5000 TM-9161-5005 V-11HCA-100 V-3000-604 V-3100-6043 V-3752-645 V-510-102 V-5460-602 V-6135-1 V-6135-2 V-9999-613 VA-4233-BGA-2 VA-7010-8001 VA-7150-1001 VA-7450-10011 VA-7450-8901 VA-7452-90011 VA-8020-100 VG-1241AD+24TGGA VG5240CC+7010G0 VG5840EC VG-5840KC VG-5840MC VG7000-1001 VG7000-1001 VG7000-1002 VG7000-1004 VG7000-1005 VG7000-1009 VG7000-1016 VG-7241TGT+3008BO VG-7842CS+3801B0 VG-7842CS+3801D0 VG-7842CS+3801E0 VG-7842ET+ 3008EO VG-7842ET+7150G0 VG-7842NT+000000 WZ-1000-5 XP-9103-8304 XP-9104-8304 Y2OEBE-2 Y2OEBE-4 Y63T31-0 NEW Y63T31-0 USED Y64T15-0 Y65F13-0


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