Used Omega OM5000 Thermocouple Data Logger For Sale

Used Omega OM5000 Thermocouple Data Logger

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Used Omega OM5000 Thermocouple Data Logger:

Not Tested - In Good Cosmetic Condition - Sold As Is

Omega's digital Logger can be furnished with a variety of multiplexers and other circuitry for various logging tasks. The Logger is completely self-contained and equipped with a built-in 24-column thermal printer, an alphanumeric keyboard, a 16-digit vacuum-fluorescent display, a real-time clock (with rechargeable 30-day battery backup), and an RS-232 serial data port for connection to a computer serial port. An AC Power Adapter provides 12 V DC for powering the Logger. North American and selected international configurations of this power adapter are available. The Logger includes a Data Cache memory that provides temporary storage of logged data for reviewing before printing or uploading to a remote computer. RS-232 cable for connecting to a computer, Accessory board with an external print trigger input; Relay contact signal outputs for high and low alarms; and an optically isolated serial interface for use with optional accessories such as the 20-relay alarm card. Also available are: carrying case, and cables for operating from an automotive 12V DC source. The Logger can be programmed directly from the keyboard or from a remote computer. Programmable functions include:

1. Current date, time, and log interval.

2. The contents and format of the printout.

3. The configuration of each channel to match the kind of sensor to be used, such as thermocouple type, voltage input, and pH probes.

4. The number of channels scanned and which channels are to be skipped. Also the dwell time between channels and a hold command for continuous logging of one selected channel.

5. Scaling the display reading to accommodate various input sensors by multiplying, adding, or subtracting (mX+b).

6. High and low alarm points.

7. Engineering units.

8. Default unit of temperature (C or F).

9. Nonvolatile storage of the configuration for your system in an electrically program

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