Used (100% Test) MICOVERT 2003 CPU-42A Free DHL or EMS For Sale

Used (100% Test)   MICOVERT 2003 CPU-42A  Free DHL or EMS

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Used (100% Test) MICOVERT 2003 CPU-42A Free DHL or EMS:

We mainly sell Industrial touch screenTOUCH GLASS, Servo Driver ,servo motor ,frequency inverter ,PLC, Encode etc.,provides the product information, technical consultation.
We have many parts YASKAWAPANASONICand so on.They are applicable to vehicle, medical equipment, injection molding machine industrial equipment etc. Welcome to order.

Packaging & Shipping


•We can shipping all over the world.via DHL,UPS,Fedex and EMS,the packaging is very safe and strong.if you have any special needs,please notify me.

•It will take 3 to 7days to reach in your hands.


•Because of the fluctuant sales situation, the stock Parts are always changing and the stock list cannot be promptly updated. So please consult the stock situation when you inquire. Every part from us will be tested through technical personnel to ensure the normal use and then deliver to the customers.


•All our products we sell comes with 60days replacement warranty against defects such as lins,fuzzy or distorted picture.

•All our products we sell both have our company mark, if seal brokend it out of warranty.

If you have any other questions,please feel free to contact us in any time.

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