Parting-out: APPLIED BIOSYSTEMS 431A Peptide Synthesizer -Many Parts Available For Sale

Parting-out:  APPLIED BIOSYSTEMS 431A Peptide Synthesizer -Many Parts Available

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Parting-out: APPLIED BIOSYSTEMS 431A Peptide Synthesizer -Many Parts Available :

Parting-out: one APPLIED BIOSYSTEMS 431A Peptide Synthesizer Machine - Many Parts Available. Please contact me with any questions, or to get discount on purchase of multiple parts.Used parts from working unit taken out of service. All parts guaranteed with 30-day Warranty! FREE SHIPPING on all parts!The following parts are available (listed roughly in same order as photos)- Select from Drop-down list above:
Vortex Unit # 600754, with Motor, Bracket, and Hardware (Tested - Works) - $69
Lg. Valve Block w/ 17 Solenoids (11 small and 6 large) - $129
Med. Valve Block w/ 10 solenoids (7 small and 3 large) - $99
Sm. Valve Block w/ 3 solenoids - $59
Sm. Valve Block w/ 3 black solenoids (Bay Advanced Tech) - $59
Control Pad - soft key P/N 431S (tested - works!) - $99
Long Narrow Circuit Board #601302 - $59
Small Circuit Board #603073 - $40
Needle Activator (BIMBA) with circuit board # 601282 - $69
Press/Vac manifold w/ Control # CMS-644 PIAB LX5 - $59
Vacuum Reservoir (PVC) with Gauge and connector block - $59
Pressure Regulators (2 Porter 8310), Toggle Switches (2), Fittings, and Valve - $59 (for All)
Printed Circuit Board 601308 - $99
Printed Circuit Board 600811 with plastic cover - $99
Power Supply 602886-A - $129
Wiring Harness (substantially complete, and flat data cable) - $49Program Module V.1.01, SMH 07572108, PT 1894 - $39

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