Mini Tesla Coil Plasma Electronic DIY Kit Wireless Transmission Lighting For Sale

Mini Tesla Coil Plasma Electronic DIY Kit Wireless Transmission Lighting

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Mini Tesla Coil Plasma Electronic DIY Kit Wireless Transmission Lighting:

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The simplest spark gap Tesla Referral coil production kit for students and novices, simple to produce^v^ Arc spray reaches 10cm+ (Some buyers have tuned to 15cm!) Power: about 35-60W Power Supply: DC 12V-36V 35W-60 W Accessories include:
One ZVS power supply kit (including high quality PCB blank board, 2pcs 470Ω 2W resistor, 2 pcs 10KΩ 1W resistor,2 pcs 12V Zener diode , 2 pcs1000V 1A fast recovery diode , 2 pcs 200V 33A 180W IRFP250 .0.3μF high quality resonator 2 capacitors, 100uH inductor A set of a junior Four 10*10*100mm pine Two 150*150*3mm 1m 1mm diameter copper enameled A 6cm diameter 304 stainless steel metal A television ignition A well-wound secondary (about 24cm high diameter 4CM diameter 0.2MM about 1100 10pcs new original induction cooker capacitance 0.3UF +-5% 1200V (send a capacitor for backup, it can also be connected in series with 10 10pcs 1M European resistors Note: Do not touch anything except the secondary discharge side with your hand.Secondary must be grounded (floor or wall) before power onThe spark gap Tesla Referral coil is noisy when operating. Please be prepared mentally.
Pay attention to ventilation during operation. The lighter will generate a lot of ozone Installation steps

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