M5L5101LP-1 Mitsubishi 1K Pinball Stat RAM PCD5101 D5101 6501 5501 2101 P2101 IC For Sale

M5L5101LP-1 Mitsubishi 1K Pinball Stat RAM PCD5101 D5101 6501 5501 2101 P2101 IC

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M5L5101LP-1 Mitsubishi 1K Pinball Stat RAM PCD5101 D5101 6501 5501 2101 P2101 IC:

M5L5101LP-1 Mitsub 1K CMOS Static RAM SRAM 6501 5501 IC

The M5L5101LP-1 made in JAPAN by Mitsubishi, is a VINTAGE, Discontinued 1K (256 x 4 bit) CMOS General purpose Static random access memory (RAM). Maximum access time: 450ns.
LOW POWER consumption, perfect equivalent of 2101 in all places where power saving is required, i.e. in battery operated modules/devices. As far as I know this IC is used in many pinball machines.
22 pin package
Equivalent or very near to: 5501 MI6501-9, TC5501, D5101, P2101, 2101 etc.
Condition: used (pull out).

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