General Radio GR 1606-A RF Impedance Bridge w/2 874 Connectors R-F For Sale

General Radio GR 1606-A RF Impedance Bridge w/2 874 Connectors R-F

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General Radio GR 1606-A RF Impedance Bridge w/2 874 Connectors R-F:

General Radio 1606-A Radio-Frequency Bridge with 2 874 Connectors
Comes with 2 874 connectors, transit case and what you see in the pictures. If you don't see it, you probably wont get it.
Specifications are from General Radio and may vary slightly due to upgrades, options, or revisions this unit may or may not have.

Serial Number: 587

For decades this was the standard instrument used to measure AM broadcast band and shortwave antennas and transmission lines. It is an improved version of the Type 916-A, the first successful radio-frequency bridge. It covers 400 kHz to 60 MHz. The resistance range is from 0 to 1,000 Ω and is direct reading. Reactance is direct reading at 1 MHz with a range of ±5,000 Ω. Reactance readings must be scaled for other frequencies - the range at 400 kHz is ±12,500 Ω and at 60 MHz is ±83.3 Ω. Basic accuracy is 1% for resistance and 2% for reactance.

The Type 1606-A Radio-Frequency Bridge measures impedances simply and accurately at frequencies from 400 kc to 60 Mc. It measures directly the resistance and reactance of antennas, transmission lines, networks, and components. Although designed primarily for measuring the low values of impedance most often encountered in r-f devices, its range can be extended by means of an external parallel capacitor so as to measure high impedances, such as tuned circuits.

This bridge is a new and improved model superseding the very popular Type 916-A for many years the standard of the radio industry for r-f impedance measurements.


  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Fast, simple operation
  • Wide frequency range
  • Measures most impedances directly
  • Small, light, and rugged for field use - carrying case available
  • Initial balance controls have clamps to prevent accidental movement.
  • Represents the best, most progressive practice in bridge design.
  • Weight: 29 lb (13.2 kg)
    Terminals: Generator and detector terminals are Type 874 Coaxial Connectors.

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