Dual Digital Voltmeter LED Replacement 48x2x22mm Digital Ammeter Shunt For Sale

Dual Digital Voltmeter LED Replacement 48x2x22mm Digital Ammeter Shunt

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Dual Digital Voltmeter LED Replacement 48x2x22mm Digital Ammeter Shunt:

Product DescriptionDual Digital Voltmeter LED Replacement 48x2x22mm Digital Ammeter Shunt

Item Details:

*100% brand new and high quality

*Optional Types: 10A LED Red+Red; 10A LED Red+Blue; 50A LED Red+Red; 50A LED Red+Blue; 100A LED Red+Red; 100A LED Red+Blue; 50AShunt LEDRed+Red; 50AShunt LEDRed+Blue; 50A Current Shunt; 100A Current Shunt

*Voltage measurement range: 0.0V-100V

*Current test range: 0-999mA, 0-10A, 0-50A, 0-100A (4 ranges available)

*Power supply range: DC4-30.0V

*Voltage error: ±0.1%

*Current error: ±1%

*External shunt: 75 milliohms

*Working current: < 20mA

*Refresh rate: About 300mS once

*Display method: Double three 0.28" LED digital tube

*Display color: Red+Red, Red+Blue(As Pictures Show)

*Lead x 29 x 22mm(Approx)

*Mounting holes: 46 x 27 mm(Approx)

*Operating to the customer's frequent questions, make the following summary reference:

Notice: The meter with a range of 50A or 100A must be connected to the shunt to measure the current no matter whether the measured current is less than 10A! Otherwise it will burn the header.

Voltage display normal, current display 0.00 or 0.0

Make sure that the thick black wire is connected to the negative pole of the battery, and the thick red wire is connected to the negative pole of the load. (Note that the discharge is not the same as the charging connection, see the concept of load and power supply.) (The header uses the original imported chip, after the factory passed very strict testing and calibration, to ensure that no quality problems before leaving the factory. The current display shows 0 99.99% is the wiring is not right, please be patient and carefully check the wiring)

Current display is not accurate:

If it is a direct power supply or an independent power supply and device power supply are common ground, as long as the fine black line can be disconnected accurately.

Connecting to power does not appear:

All AC power rectified power must be filtered by an electrolytic capacitor above 1000uF to supply power to the meter.

Judging the quality of the header (the following are two cases of normal headers)

Without shunt, connect the thin red line and the thin black line to the power supply. The meter current of 50A shows 50.0~59.9, and the meter of 100A shows 100~109.

Connect the shunt, connect the thin red line and the fine black line to the power supply. The meter current with a range of 50A shows 0.00, and the meter with a range of 100A shows 0.0;

Other considerations:

The current can only be measured on the negative side of the power supply and on the negative side of the load.

Voltage range: The power supply voltage range of the 5 line header is 4~28V, that is, the voltage of the thin red line cannot exceed 28V.

About the concept of load and power

During discharge: The battery, switching power supply, and transformer are power supplies, and the resistors, lamps, motors, and power devices are the loads.

When charging: The charger, generator, and solar energy are power supplies. The rechargeable battery and the battery are the loads.

Package Contents:

1*Digital Voltmeter real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.

2.Please allow slight manual measurement deviation for the data.


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