DP30V5A Voltage Converter Step Down Programmable Power Supply For Sale

DP30V5A Voltage Converter Step Down Programmable Power Supply

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DP30V5A Voltage Converter Step Down Programmable Power Supply:

DP30V5A Module Buck Voltage Converter LCD Display Voltmeter Constant Voltage Current Step-down Programmable Power Supply

Specification: Model:DP30V5A Input voltage range: 6.00-40.00V 0V-32.00V Output current:0-5.000A Output power range: 00.00-160.0W Product Weight: 78g Product Dimension: 79 x 43 x 48(mm) (L x W x H) Open size: 71mm x 39mm Output voltage resolution: 0.01V Output current resolution: 0.001A Output Voltage accuracy: ± (0.5% + 1 digits) Output Current accuracy: ± (0.5% + 2 digit) NOTE: The model of product showing below is theDP50V2A,just as a reference. The item you will receive isDP30V5A.

Package included:
1 × Power module with casing. 1 × English user's manual

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