Circulating Water Vacuum Pump SHZ-95B 50L*5tap for Rotary Evaporator & Reactor For Sale

Circulating Water Vacuum Pump SHZ-95B 50L*5tap for Rotary Evaporator & Reactor

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Circulating Water Vacuum Pump SHZ-95B 50L*5tap for Rotary Evaporator & Reactor:

Circulating Water Vacuum Pump SHZ-95B 50L*5 taps for Rotary Evaporator & Reactor
The pump takes circulating water as its working flow. The flowing water under fluidics will gain a negative pressure which makes the vessel to be vacuum. This is its working principle. It is use for vacuum-loops, vacuum-drying and specialized in cycling-air-exhausting under the high boiling point solution. It is used in biochemistry, organic chemistry, medical, experiment & scientific research of institutes and university or small batch process.
Features No oil, no pollute, low noise, moving conveniently. Two taps may use one or use two at same time. Two vacuum meters. The water tank and main parts such as pump shell, vane wheel and linking pipe etc are made of special corrosion-resisting stainless steel and dissolved-resisting engineering plastic.
Technical Specification Model SHZ-95B Motor Power(W) 370W Power Supply 220V/50Hz Rate of Flow (L/min) 80L/min
Lift (M) 12M Max Vacuum (Mpa) 0.098 Single Tap Exhaustion 10L/min Taps 5 Volume of Water Tank 50L Material of Tank Shell Engineering plastic Pump shell, Vane wheel Engineering plastic Main Pipe Stainless Steel Dimension (cm) 45 x 34 x 84

Weight (kg) 37Kg

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