Agilent IDP3 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump in QUIET Silencer Aspex Hush Silencer Set Up For Sale

Agilent IDP3 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump in QUIET Silencer Aspex Hush Silencer Set Up

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Agilent IDP3 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump in QUIET Silencer Aspex Hush Silencer Set Up:

WATCH me cut the price on thisREGULARLY

More watchers, more price cutting--This tells me you are interested but think I'm priced to high...

Im NOT like the other guys that like to sit on stuff for MONTHS...

Burn andTurn, Price it to MOVE

I have been selling on full time for over 5 years.. And

NOT ONENegativeresponse

This is a fine example of this ASPEX Hush House Scroll Pump in this impressive Sound-deadeningcase

The main pump is an Agilent IDP3 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump

Has 24,837 Hours on it but is super clean and operated in a sterile, high-budget lab since new

NO flaws or issues to point out.... Looks to have no alterations, repairs orreplaced parts...

It comes in this lovelyquiet case with some impressive sound-reducingefforts

The pump is on a floating suspension to of course, reduce sound/vibration

Theinterior of the case has lots of padding on it... The interior is SPOTLESS (sorry not pictured)

Every bolt has rubber like washers to absorb vibration

Also a muffler orsomething that looks very pricey installed just after the pump.

I was told that this silencing box was likely more than the pump itself when new

This wasconnect to a GUN SHOT RESIDUEAnalysis Machinein a Forensics lab

Feel free to shoot any questions


This will be SUPER carefully packed, due to the pump being on a floating suspension, it is off course loose on its frame--- I will CAREFULLY wrap this in plasticstretch wrap to secure it to its frame

Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%

This will be PROPERLY boxed up and shipped out FAST

I strive to ship out SAME Day--Next Business day at the latest...

FedEx Ground....

Price will be CUT to make this sell off QUICKLY

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