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AC 110V 1/4" Electric Solenoid Valve Pneumatic Valve for Water Air Gas Oil Fuel For Sale

AC 110V 1/4

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AC 110V 1/4" Electric Solenoid Valve Pneumatic Valve for Water Air Gas Oil Fuel:

  • Item Description:
    • Nominal Diameter: DN8
    • Material: Brass
    • Media: Air,Water,Oil
    • Pipe Size: 1/4 inch
    • Orifice Diameter: 2.5mm
    • Model: 2W-025-08
    • Actuator Mode: Electromagnetic Control
    • Pressure: 0-1.0Mpa
    • Power Source: AC 110 V
    • Temperature of Media: -5~80℃
    • Nc or No: Normally Closed
    • Brand: Jingrong JR
    • Features:
      - All brass construction, precise threaded interface, thick pipe wall, firm and durable.
      - Easy to use, can be installed at any angle.
      - Low noise, low vibration, low heating and long service life.
      - All copper explosion-proof coil, Seiko production.
      - Two position, two way, normal close switch, magnetic solenoid water valve.
      - Widely used in flow control, liquid control, gas control and multivariate control.
      - Accurate control ability, low fever, suitable for all kinds of working environment.
    • Thread Type: NPT
    • Oil Seal Material: NBR
    • Place of Application: Air / Water / Oil
    • Note:
      - During installation, please check whether the voltage of solenoid valve is the same as that of power supply (for example, the common voltage of home is AC220 V with AC220 V solenoid valve, if it is DC 24 V and DC 12 V solenoid valve, please configure power supply, and the solenoid valve can be started normally only when the power supply current is 2A or above.
      - The pipeline should be flushed before use. If the medium is not clean and there are impurities, a filter should be installed to prevent impurities from hindering the normal operation of the solenoid valve.
      - The solenoid valve is unidirectional, directional and can not be installed in reverse. The direction of arrow on the valve body is the direction of pipeline fluid movement, which must be consistent.
      - The solenoid valve should be installed horizontally, and the coil should be vertically upward, not vertically or reversely. Wrong installation will affect the service life of the valve. To leakage of solenoid valve or can not be closed.
      - After the out wire (connector) of solenoid valve coil is connected, it should be confirmed whether it is firmly connected, and the contact of electrical components should not shake. If it is loose, the solenoid valve will not work.
      - The impurity inside the valve should be cleaned for a long time.
      -The color of the thread may be different due to different production batches, but it will not affect normal use. Those who mind, buy carefully.
  • Package Including:
    • Package Including:
    • 1 x Solenoid Valve
    • Product Weight: 300 G / 10.58 Ounces
    • Product Dimensions (L*W*H): 70*40*40 MM / 2.76*1.57*1.57 Inches
    • Package Weight: 300.0 G / 10.58 Ounces
    • Package Dimensions (L*W*H): 70*40*40 MM / 2.76*1.57*1.57 Inches
    • Retail Packaging: Yes, General Box
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  • 2.Please write down your special requests (color, size, etc.) in the NOTE when you make payment.
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Shipping Details
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  • 2.We only ship to confirmed address. Therefore your address MUST MATCH with your Shipping address.
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  • 1.notify us by message before returning.
  • 2.Contact us within 30 days of receiving the item.

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