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5 Pack Heavy Duty Office Chair Caster Wheels 3\" Replacement Chair Caster For Sale

5 Pack Heavy Duty Office Chair Caster Wheels 3\

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5 Pack Heavy Duty Office Chair Caster Wheels 3\" Replacement Chair Caster:

Office Chair Wheels for Smart Home Offices, Set of 5 Heavy Duty 3\" Replacement Rubber Office Chair Casters,

Cool Rollerblade Style Stem Chair Casters for Hardwood,No Need for Chair Mats

Product information

  • UNIVERSAL FIT FOR SIMPLE REPLACEMENT!: Unlike any other office chair wheels available out there, our premium replacement office chair casters feature a new stem design, that makes replacing old casters a breeze. Simply and effortlessly, change your old casters in one, single motion and get ready to roll. Designed to fit all standard office chairs, this set of 5 caster wheels is here to make your life easy.

  • KEEP YOUR FLOORS IMMACULATE: You can now throw your old, plastic office chair mats in the garbage and get ready for some serious, smooth and quiet rolling across the floor. With an almost velvety feel, these unique office casters can safely glide on your expensive hardwood flooring or tile, vinyl, carpet and any type of floor with unparalleled ease, without causing the least scratch or noise and keeping your floors immaculate.(Not recommended for thick/tall carpets)

  • GET OFFICE WHEELS WITH STYLE!: These replacement casters are no ordinary furniture parts. They are unique pieces of striking beauty that can instantly elevate the style of any room they’re in. Upgrade your home or office chairs and transform your décor by adding a touch of cool luxury.

  • THE MOST DURABLE WHEELS ON AMAZON: If you’re tired of replacing your desk chair wheels every once in a while, then it’s high time you checked these ones: With the entire support bracket and all internal parts made of superior grade steel that is able to safely support up to 650lbs, as well as top quality Polyurethane, rollerblade style, swivel wheels, designed to be super gentle with your precious flooring, these efficient caster wheels promise to last a lifetime.

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: no any worries about it.

The Ultimate Office Chair Upgrade!

Perfect for replacing your Herman Miller Aeron wheels.

Replace broken chair wheels or enjoy a quieter, smooth glide around the office.

Furniture, no matter how well made, eventually starts breaking down the more you use it; especially when it comes to office chairs and equipment that has rolling wheels.

Thankfully, they’re easy to replace and we can make your old desk chair roll even smoother than ever before.

Safely Glide, Scoot and Swivel

Crafted with premium polyurethane rubber, our floor safe caster wheels can be used to replace a wide variety of equipment and furniture wheels that are broken, damaged or struggling to operate. Offering enhanced 3” wheel width for stability and a comfortable ride height, our heavy duty wheels offer superior load bearing for sitting, pushing a dolly, or even sliding around under a vehicle using a mechanics creeper.

Product Details:

Caster Wheel Set (5-Pack)

Load Bearing Swivels 110 lbs/wheel 550 lbs Total

Transparent Polyurethane Wheels

Safe on Hardwood Floor and Carpet

Smooth, Quiet Rolling

Wheel Diameter: 3”

Overall Height: 4” (not counting stem)

Protect your floors and enjoy a more comfortable, relaxed sitting experience by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ above and adding our caster wheels set to your computer desk chair!


If not 100% completely satisfied with our item, simply contact us to request a refund or exchange.

30 Days money back/replacement guarantee, 30 Days product defect free replacement warranty.


No months-long wait from overseas!


Delivery Coverage: We haven’t yet covered US Territories such as: Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, Virgin Island, Guam, APO, and FPO.

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