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HELP, understanding Speaker Transformers,

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HELP, understanding Speaker Transformers,

Postby Happy_Jock » Tue Apr 14, 2015 8:34 pm

Hi Folks, it seems just as I tell myself I'm becoming more clued up on the workings of electronics and circuits, some small simple project seems to confuse me.

I am trying to create a little project like a push to talk one way intercom type thing with a mic and circuit in one room with an output leading to a speaker in the other room, I assumed this would be a simple project but the most reliable schematic I can find sounding fit for my needs, is this one from Talking Electronics,

I notice prior to this it explains the speaker needs a transformer and describes the method of creating one

Can anybody tell me if there is an easier way around creating the transformer, such as can it be made with a rectangular ferrite stick or a ferrite toroid? Must the gauge of the wire described be exactly that or better still are there component type transformers I am able to salvage from old circuit boards or buy which would be suitable.

Also I am confused on the workings of this type of mic to speaker circuit a lot of examples I see on YouTube have very quiet or poor sound output.

Any help would be much appreciated
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