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interface to use a pot to control power and other switches

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interface to use a pot to control power and other switches

Postby TerminatorX5 » Mon Nov 18, 2013 7:38 pm

Hello. Newbie here... i hope that someone might be able to point in the right direction...

task at hand:

one box contains a potentiomenter (value from 1.8kOhm jump to 2.4 kOhm and then smooth change to 5.5kOhm)

the other box contains an ON/OFF power switch, and three buttons that select certain program (only one of the three button can be active at a time).


build an interface that will keep the second box in OFF state when the pot is at 1.8kOhm, and turn it on when not in 1.8kOhm

while the pot is moving from 2.4kOhm to 5.5kOm, make selection of one switch, then the next switch and then the last switch.

the system is off again, once the pot is back to 1.8kOhm

Question... what can be such an interface?

Please let me know if I need to elaborate more, or clarify the situation further...

thank you
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