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egg project

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egg project

Postby dakosvetnik » Fri May 03, 2013 5:20 am

Hi everyone! :)
I just discovered this forum googling help for newbies. And I'm so glad I found it.
I'm trying to get some hands on experience in electronics, and this seams to be the right place for that. :)

I'm currently working on the egg project.
This is my first project ever so I was thinking of making something simple.
Unfortunately, I got stuck.

Idea was to make something like this:
one egg glows if you turn on the switch,
and the other glows if you move it close to the first glowing egg.

I figured out the principle behind it.
I have a coil in each egg and use inductive coupling to transfer energy to the 2nd egg.
According to wikipedia this can be easily done by making two LC circuits resonate.

but I have no idea hot to do it in practice.
Is this ok for the second egg? I'm not certain I can just connect LED like that?
And I don't even know how to start on the first one. Do I need some kind of oscillator for it, aside from the battery and switch?
What should I keep in mind to avoid explosion? :mrgreen:

hope you have some advises. :)
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