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simple gsm project

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simple gsm project

Postby uydarp » Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:16 pm

i wish to control a servo motor using a cellphone.
How it should work.
1. A call from a know phone number calls a sim900 circuit.
2. Microcontoller check if the call is from a know phone number, if yes call is answered and a password is expected, DTMF decoder is used to check the password
3. If the password is correct the servo motor turns 180 degrees n back to 0
degrees, finish!

i have made a working model using arduion UNO & icomsat gsm shield,

now i want to build the same circuit by manually connecting all the components instead of arduino n shield on a breadboard

How should i go about doing it? what all components will i need?

thanks in advance!
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