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Need Help - Using 8051 with RS232

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Need Help - Using 8051 with RS232

Postby maxfourier » Sun Aug 07, 2011 4:36 am

I'm an electronics student working on my first project. I have explained my problem below. Need some help.

Please consider that I'm a newbie with projects.. I have only brought a few things and downloaded some software. Apart from that I have my logic ready. So, all i would need to do is write the code and program the microcontroller.

This is what i have :

[COLOR="darkred"]Hardware :[/COLOR]

8051 (NXP 80V51RD2)
RS232 with DB9

[COLOR="darkred"]Software :[/COLOR]

Flash Magic

[COLOR="black"]What i want to do : [/COLOR] is just program the microprocessor. I have tried Googling "Interfacing 8051 rs232" but could not really get it.

I can interface the microprocessor and the max232 but I'm having problems interfacing the RS232.

Moreover, I have NO idea how (& where) to connect the RS232. Here is what my cable looks like :


Again, What i need to know is:[/COLOR]

-Which side of the cable goes where(PC n 8051)
-How is it connected to the microprocessor.
-How do I write my c code into the microprocessor - How to convert it to hex(or whatever required)? Why do I need Keil & Flash Magic?
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