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My first ever fun project :)

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My first ever fun project :)

Postby rokz_2005 » Fri May 20, 2011 6:21 pm

Hi this is my all in one thread for the whole project. I've realised instead of trying to find answers separately someone will be able to provide the whole thing for me

Power input = 12v DC

I would like to design a circuit which has 4 features.
1 - pressing a tactile switch twice to activate power.
2 - after the power has been activated i would like power to run for 60 seconds
3 - for whatever reason if I was to press the tactile switch again I want the circuit to break. and then double tapping the tactile to start the 60second again.
4 - I will have two tactile switches (both will cannot be pressed at the same time) but I want both switches to trigger two components eg 1x buzzer and 1x light bulb. .... but for example if the buzzer is triggered after the light bulb i would like the bulb to sop then the buzzer to buzz for 60 seconds.
Does it make sense? I hope it does.

I would really really appreciate it if someone could help me. THANKS
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