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Electric Skate board pressure pad Speed Contolls

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Electric Skate board pressure pad Speed Contolls

Postby jako96 » Fri Dec 06, 2013 1:53 am

Hi there, Basically I am thinking about building an electric skate board that is very discretely electric for cruising around. My aim is for people to only know it is electric on close inspection or when they notice i never push.
My little bit of research has showed me pretty much what i will need and how i can achieve it most of my goal with one main exception. Most DIY electric boards out there are controlled with an RC control for toys, I personally think this it a little dorky looking and defeats my objective of making it discrete. The rest of the set up is pretty much a high torque brush-less motor, (normally hooked up to a Electronic speed controller and a RC transmitter) attached to 2 series 11.1 V LiPo battery's.

I Want to control my speed hands free using 3 Pressure pads,
Pressure pad 1 - Located at the very rear of the board and cuts the power (STOP)
Pressure Pad 2 - Located Where your rear foot would be and basically will maintain speed (providing no pressure on 3) so that what ever speed your going at is fairly constant, Motor will gradually Slow when no pressure and will stop motor gradually if slows enough (HOLD/MAINTAIN)
Pressure pad 3 - Located slightly in front of where your front foot would be, Will accelerate the motor until top speed reached (Accelerate)
**To start Motor feet need to be placed on both Pads 2&3
**Pad 1 Will stop the motor not the Brake momentum, for when your picking up board so the wheels don't keep spinning etc.

Besides the idea i have no idea where to start, I did electronics in school and loved it (finished top of the class :D ) But this is a totally different ball game i'm a clueless noob when it comes to motors and also with micro controllers which is probably the easy choice, can some one advise if there a reasonably easy way to create this with hardware on a PCB like i'm used to or would a micro-controller be the way to go, What would i need to program or learn about/where would i start with my circuit.

I don't know where to start any help or points to start learning myself would be super appreciated, i am out of my league here!!

Thanks for reading,
Jackson :)
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