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MP3 headphone amplifier circuit

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MP3 headphone amplifier circuit

Postby Ashley777 » Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:19 pm

I would like to make a headphone amplifier using transistors (mainly bipolar junction and if required FET) instead of Op-Amps.

The specification of the amplifier is that it should:
Provide an improved sound quality over the un-amplified output of the MP3 player.

Have an input impedance of at least 100kΩ.

Have an output impedance of less than 100Ω.

Have a frequency response of at least 20Hz – 20kHz (this means that the lower limit
should be <20Hz and the upper limit >20kHz).

Have a volume control.

Operate from a PP3 battery

Have a tone control or cross-feed.

The amplifier is intended for small signal (e.g. input of 100mV), AC, mid range frequency.
I would like to build either a class A or class AB type amplifier.

Any help with the circuit design would be greatly appreciated :)
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