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Sound activated Camera trigger with delay circuit needed

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Sound activated Camera trigger with delay circuit needed

Postby debasisswan » Sun Jun 16, 2013 2:20 pm

Long back I I have used a circuit to fire my flash gun to get some high speed photographs. It was a 9V. DC run LM324 and a SCR based one with built in Delay control. So far I can recall, it was in early eighties. Most probably I got it in Electronics For You Magazine in India. It worked perfectly for long. But I have missed the gadget as well as the circuit. I am not an expert so cannot just redesign the circuit. Can anyone please throw some light on the details of the circuit if you can recall?

I did some googling for this but did not get the old circuit. Almost all the new ideas come without suitable delay control. Is there any alternative circuit you may suggest?

As I live in a small town without any well structured electronics market, I would prefer a circuit that will be with simple kits like 555 or 324 or 741, can be assembled on a general purpose board, with built in delay circuit.

Please help.

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