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Postby elvin » Fri May 11, 2012 4:21 pm

we are reguired to design a circuit diagram for lab project such that it has both transmitter and reciever parts.
the project is very similar to Hugo game. Like each button in the phone transmitts unuque frequency when pressed.
We are axactly regured to deign this by leds for example if we press the button corresponding to X Hz frequency we should recieve this transmitted signal by the help of reciever part of our design and each frequency recieved has led connected to it. For example if X Hz frequency is transmitted. we should get lets say red LED lit. For this lab project what can you recomend to buit both transmitter part and reciever part. how can i dersign transmitter part which transmitts fraquency i want
i have 3 days to submitt first report about how to design. Please help....
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